There is an epidemic failure in business, stifling our aspirations and organizations.

The failure is marketing. How we approach it. What we expect from it. 
We need to play the game differently.


We – CEOs – are buying fleeting moments of attention through marketing instead of investing in sustainable profit sources. We keep bringing in agency after agency, creative team after creative team, and the tide doesn't turn. Why? Because we're not addressing the problem.

Here's the problem: most organizations are playing the same game, the same way. How can we hope to create meaningful attention when everyone around us is striving for the same attention? 

We need profit sufficient to fuel the organization's highest aspirations. And we need profit sufficient to secure each and every employee's life. Why? Because employees deliver the customer experience. That's why a whole new approach to communications is required. An approach that creates profit. 

A line-chef made his way out of the bustling kitchen and through the crowded dining area. “You’re Tricia, right? I just want to thank you. I’ve worked here a long time. I never received a bonus until you helped turn things around. It’s like a different company now.” His eyes welled up. “I’m proud to go home to my family now. And they’re proud of me.”

This is why I do what I do. By making American Business more profitable and inclusive through a new approach to communications, we bring forth a new American Dream. For all. For the line-chef. For the engineer. For the CEO. We all want the freedom to live into our greatest potential. And as CEOs – whether of a corporation, university, sports franchise or nonprofit – we want the freedom to lead into our group's greatest potential. Profit provides this freedom. So on to the next do we do it?

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