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a brand's guardian angel

Gold Groves creates communications that solve business problems

Founded by an award-winning marketing strategist, writer and designer, Gold Groves communications have created victories in myriad industries, all project types, and at each stage of the organization life cycle – from launch, to realignment, to rapid growth, to resurrection.

event management

It is always an honor to direct the communications for Night By The Ocean – The Annual Fundraising Gala for Life Rolls On. This year, our host and partner in magic was none other than Jason Mraz. (Video credit: Jason Mraz Foundation)

You make my dreams come true, my visions reality. Thank you for EVERYTHING you do. You are the best ever.
— Jesse Billauer, Founder & CEO of Life Rolls On

brand launch

Nailed it, Angel. Positively spot on.
— Kris Harper

...and the pure joy of a wedding

It looks like a fairytale. I LOVE IT!!!!!
— The Bride-To-Be

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comprehensive partner

comprehensive partner


You deserve a communications person who wears three hats – and wears them well

an award-winning strategist, writer and designer in one mind

What if you hire a designer to create a logo? Who will develop the business strategy driving the logo?

What if you hire a web programmer to build a site? Who will write the content?

What if you hire a social media agency? Who will create award-winning design?

When you need communications that WORK ... that solve business problems, you need the strategist, writer and designer commingling in one mind.

The process is the result my friends. Choose the process wisely.

Tricia is a guardian angel for our brand. We constantly remind ourselves how crucial she has been to our success.
— Jesse Billauer, Life Rolls On Founder & Executive Director / CEO
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You deserve a loyal partner

what business challenges do you face?

A concept to launch? An organization needing realignment? Lack of differentiation in a crowded marketplace? Stagnant or declining sales? Disengaged employees? Or are you hiring as fast as you can, and need to get all these fresh faces working on the right things, in the right way? 

Whatever your business challenge, there is a GOLD GROVES solution. 

Reach out today. Let's talk through your situation.